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Indoor and outdoor staircases


We mainly produce indoor and outdoor staircases with metal structure. It is possible to order a complete solution or for example only metal beams with base for the steps. We collaborate with a number of experienced companies specialized in woodworks that have over 20 years of experience. We will surely find the right solution for you.



I-stairs or straight stairs are the most used and popular due to their convenience, functionality and cost-effectiveness. The straight-line design means there is no need for additional support structures and only needs to be attached at the bottom and top of the stairs. They are usually the easiest to build with simple installation of railings and handrails. The straight staircase does take up a greater amount of space because of its linear design.

We can offer straight I-stairs on various metal load-bearing structures:

  • The most popular is a staircase on the central beam.
  • On a support beam on both sides.
  • On two support beams under the steps L-stairs


Metal staircase
Central Stringer Staircases
U-Shaped Staircase
Steel Beam U-shaped Staircase
U-beam and timber treads
Staircase with glass railings
Mono Beam L-Staircase with forging Railing
Staircases with glass railing

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