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Metal accessories

Metal accessories

We can make various products for your interior out of metal and also out of metal and wood.

Fireplace accessories

You can create very interesting products for your fireplace while combining metal with other materials. We offer fireplace accessories sets as well as fire irons, shovels and brushes separately. You can order sets with or without log baskets. Different sizes of log baskets next to your wood-burning stove of fireplace.


While combining metal with wood, we are making beds, chests of drawers, bedside tables….we can make it suitable for a traditional interior using forging or we can make it suitable for a more modern interior.

We can make shoe shelves in the entrance or stools taking into account all your needs.

There are eternal possibilities to create a dining table or coffee table by using metal and wood, and different resin.

If you would like to give a unique look to your furniture then it is possible to order accessories- hinges, handles, and door knobs. You can see the selection from our online shop, but if you did not like anything from there, then get in touch and we will make the product what suits your needs.

Curtain poles

If necessary, we can help to design suitable curtain poles for your interior, but it’s easier for us if you already have the vision in mind. We are experts in making curtain poles in different lengths, tips and shapes.

Lightning solutions

We have created lightning solutions for private houses as well as for restaurants. Our lightning solutions are used for example in Beer Garden and Koch’s Gardens in Tallinn and in Agricultural museum in Ülenurme….and in some other places as well.

Candle holders

Candle holders on the wall, on a table, on the floor, and other small details for your interior. Chandeliers for the ceiling, there is a possibility to order both electric and with candles.

Shelf holders and coat hooks

A variety of products suitable for your house. Besides the gallery, take a look in our e-shop.

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