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Outdoor furniture and garden accessories

Outdoor furniture and garden accessories

Please see below the list of garden furniture and accessories:

  • Garden furniture on metal frame and picnic tables
  • Garden furniture made of solid wood
  • Plant containers made of metal and wood for walls or surfaces
  • Flower pots hangers for the walls, balconies and surfaces

We make sturdy and resistant metal frame picnic tables and benches. Metal parts have been galvanized and you can be sure that you are worry-free for years because rust will not damage the furniture. After zinc coating, the surface is roughened and coated with paint. The colour options are unlimited. Wooden parts are mostly made out of larch or thermal wood. Both materials do not require any special care and are weather resistant. Thermal wood is more fragile but looks more elegant. Larch is very durable and beautiful natural material. Special oils are used for maintenance.

If you are looking for something cheaper, then pine is a good option

Our picnic tables are suitable for outdoor cafes and terraces. They are elegant, sturdy and the frames are built in such a way that it is possible to store them on each other.

In collaboration with friends and business partners, we can offer garden furniture for those who prefer to see massive wood in their gardens.

We can help you if you need any metal decoration for your garden – be it a carrier for your flower basket, campfire base or grill base.

We also have a small wood workshop with modern machines – so there are high chances that we will find the right solution that will perfectly match your needs.


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