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Porch canopies

Porch canopies

A high quality and original ironwork porch is a wonderful addition to every house facade. In addition to that, porch will protect the door and staircase from precipitation.


We are making various porch canopies and awnings according to our clients needs. We use Ruukki roofing sheets as well as glass and plastic. Frames and bearing structures are made according to the roof’s purpose, either form metal pipes or forged by hand.

Metal awnings

Metal awnings

The purpose of a reliably firm awning is to protect the entrance to your building from direct rain and snow. In addition, awnings may also serve as a sunshade over windows to block direct sunlight from entering your living space.

The use of awnings should provide the desired functionality while providing an attractive architectural element to your building. 

We manufacture galvanized and painted awnings with a metal load-bearing structure. Covered with roofing sheets. Copper sheet metal can also be used, but it should be taken into account that the price will be significantly higher.

Design an awning: Before you start anything, you need to decide what kind of a door awning you want. You have many choices in size and shape. Awnings for rounded tents, awnings with pitched roofs, quarter awnings or traditional shed awnings look great above the doorways. The look of the awning is a subjective decision that fully matches the style and taste of your home. You also need to choose the metal and perhaps the color. 

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Porch canopies

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