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Fences, gates, rails

Fences, gates, rails

Wooden gates on metal frame. Wooden boards are attached to metal frame. Frame is galvanised and painted.

Hand forged gates. Attractive handcrafted gates. Welds are hidden by clamps. Details are attached between the boards with rivets.

Simple metal gates. The metal rods are welded either on a four-pipe or between the slats. If desired, you can make it a little more interesting with forged elements.

Gate posts must be properly secured. If you have wide gates, then there is a force vector in play and therefore the gate posts are under high burden. In order to prevent gates from sinking, we are offering a complete frame to the gates. The posts are rigidly connected to each other under the ground. This solution does not allow the posts to move even when the soil is emerging due the temperature changes.

It is also possible to order only the posts and concrete them into soil, but that depends on the type of the soil. Alternatively, if the fence has a good foundation then it is possible to screw the concrete posts onto the foundation with anchors.

Wrought iron elements

Wrought iron elements for fences and gates

In our e-shop you can find high quality materials to create yourself exclusive structures. For the production of wrought iron elements we use proven technology and high-quality materials that are easy to weld and highly weather-resistant. Almost all the forged elements on offer are made from steel.

We offer you various forged details for fences and gates. These elements provide for solving artistic and creative problems in making wrought products both construction organizations and individuals.

Our assortment includes:

  • Caps for cast posts and bars;
  • Rosettes, S and C ornaments;
  • Flowers and leaves, geometric shapes;
  • Balls and hemispheres;
  • Ornamental and non-ornamental bars for fences.

Give us a call or send us an e-mail so we can help you find better solutions.

A selection of products is available in our e-shop.


Fences, gates, rails

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