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Fireplace Accessories Set with a Log Stand

Tools: brush, shovel, poker, tongs, log holder

Tool holder height: 920 mm

Width: 420 mm

Log holder surface: 380×420 mm

Height: 200 mm

Weight: 8.60 kg


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The fireplace accessories set with a stand for logs is a practical and convenient addition to the fireplace core. This set includes various tools necessary for maintaining the fireplace and burning wood.

The set includes a brush, shovel, poker, tongs, and a log holder. These accessories are made of durable and high-quality metal and have a practical and ergonomic design that makes them easy and comfortable to use.

The tool holder is attached to the stand, and its height is 920 mm and width 420 mm. The holder is intended for storing the tools, which ensures easy accessibility and keeps them organized and handy. The stand’s surface is 380×420 mm, and its height is 200 mm. It is large enough to accommodate enough wood and keep it securely in the fireplace.

With the brush, you can easily and effectively clean the fireplace core ash and the fireplace glass dirt. The shovel and poker are intended for collecting ash and embers and cleaning the fireplace glass. With the tongs, you can easily place new logs in the fireplace and arrange the embers. The log holder is a practical accessory that keeps the logs organized and protects them from moisture and dirt.

The fireplace accessories set with a stand for logs is suitable for anyone who wants to keep their fireplace core clean and safe. It is a practical, durable, and convenient solution that makes maintaining the fireplace core easy and enjoyable. The set is easy to install and use and is suitable for both home and professional use.

In addition, you can also purchase individual fireplace accessories from our store.

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Additional information

Weight9 kg
Dimensions42 × 42 × 92 cm