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Metal pressing and bending


Metal-pressing and punching are methods used to shape or size sheet or strip steel without heating it. Punching is one of the fastest methods for producing a large number of components. The biggest cost is in making the mold, and after that, the unit price of the parts depends on the quantity.

We offer services with the ZOPF T 500 Multi horizontal press and the MX700 NARGESA universal ironworking machine.

The ZOPF T 500 Multi horizontal press has digital controls that give very precise results in the production of parts.

Tube/pipe bending The press has a tube bending attachment as an option. Although it does not replace a dedicated pipe bending machine, its performance can be excellent when you occasionally need to bend pipes.

Straightening bars/pipes There are many cases where a machine may be needed to straighten material. If the stroke and return are set correctly, material bending can be improved and restored to usable condition. This can be done with standard tooling or, if it is a regular requirement, a separate bar straightening tool can be used.

Metal-pressing and Bending with a horizontal bending press

Bending with a horizontal bending press The primary and main use of a horizontal press is bending clamps and rods. With various tools, many different angles and folds can be achieved. Optimal accuracy and repeatability can be achieved using variable and programmable stroke and return limits. Stroke and return limits allow efficient processing of repetitive tasks. This means that each bend is repeatable, making it ideal for quickly producing parts. It is an indispensable tool for punching steel fence bars or outdoor furniture details with different cross-sections. Even fairly large cross-sectional materials do not require preheating to achieve a small radius of fracture.

In addition, there is a device for twisting spirals.

1.Capacity of 50 tons

2.Working surface height of 350mm

3.Bending capacity for flat material max. 300x15mm, round tube 76x4mm

The MX700 NARGESA is characterized by its versatility and can perform many functions, such as punching metal sheets, iron bars, tubes, angle iron, U-profile, T-profile, UPN, IPN… Bending, cutting, engraving, crimping… it can be adapted to any tool.

There are special tools for working with angle iron, clamps for punching holes of different shapes and sizes in iron bars, material cutting and bending clamps. Clamps for processing tube ends and many other possibilities.

Capacity of 70 tons.



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